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What can you do to make sure the summer memories you’ll take capture not only the events of those days but the emotions as well? One trick is to know the hearts and minds of the people who are involved in the events. When it’s about family and friends, it should not be too difficult!

If you want your photographs capture not only the images of your summer activities but also the spirit of the people around you, then let’s talk about some tips for creating the most creative summer photos you’ll ever take!

Try a New Angle

  • Consider what the picture would look like from up high or down low;
  • Focus on something specific such as intricate carving or a beautiful doorway;
  • Snap the classic shot at an unusual time of day;
  • Use your imagination: that will make a difference for sure!

Capture the detail

  • Little hands working on a big castle;
  • Sparkling eyes watching fireworks;
  • Delight face eating a watermelon;
  • Flip flop tans comparaison…

Find a Funny Twist

  • Ask your kids to play with sunset like if it was a ball;
  • Fill your cup with a waterfall;
  • Engage flaming conversation with statues;
  • Put the full Moon on top of your empty ice cream cone…

Create Camera Illusions

  • Your kids playing with airplanes;
  • Your husband falling asleep on a cloud;
  • Play Spider man with skyscrapers in the background;
  • Look for shadows too, they can make interesting composition!

Mix and match any of the above, let your imagination run wild and you will have unique pictures and a summer to remember! One last tip: if many have a camera (thanks to our smartphone!) you’re on your way to ensure getting a lot of creative photos from varied perspectives! Have fun while capturing your best summer memories EVER!

Best Summer Memories EVER!

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