September 12


5 Tips for How to Make Your Own Scrapbook From Scratch

By Stephie

September 12, 2017

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Scrapbooking is not about buying the most supplies and therefore “winning”, it’s about getting your memories down on paper for future generations to see and learn from. It’s very therapeutic if you are having a hard time in life and need a few coping mechanisms. It’s always a great time to start, but in my opinion fall is the better! Scrapbooking is a nice rainy day activity to do as a family, spending some time together on putting the vacation pictures down in a family album and remembering all those summer memories…

One thing that cracks me up is the fact MEN seem to think this is a woman’s craft, and they don’t need to scrapbook. However, may I just point out one of my favorite designers for stamping and scrapbooking products is Tim Holtz, who has a great ink pad line plus much, much more now! Men are being asked to be on design teams more and more – so don’t think it’s just a “woman’s thing”, men have memories too!! You also have a lot of divorced fathers out there – who want to preserve the time they spend with their kids! Plus there are multiple ways to scrapbook, just find the one that is easiest and best for you and your situation!

When you create a scrapbook album from scratch, you are bringing your creativity into play here!

1. Start with one thing

The most important part of the project – what supplies or kit you are going to be using. If you begin here, everything else will fall into place. This will always be different depending on the project you are working on and the supplies you have chosen.

2. Pick your photos out for the project

As long as you know what type of album you are going to be doing, then you know what photos you can start to choose for the project. Do NOT pick out each and every one of them – pick the ones that are the most “theme” related.

3. Gather up all your supplies

You will need to make sure you have enough of everything for the entire project. I like to use “scrapbook kits” that have all the paper, embellishments and album inside – as something like this is a lot better because it all coordinates with each other and is already done for you. If you are more experienced you can always pick the supplies out you want to use.

4. Start to plan things out

If there are instructions – and you want to create the album exact, follow them. If you want to add your own spin to things, then add a few other supplies to go with the kit such as themed stickers or die cuts, ribbon, stamped images, or whatever else you might have.

5. Add things to each set of pages

This is were you will have fun by creating something unique! Add photos, stickers, drawing,… to each set of pages such as the blank paper, photos, and any notes as to that specific page or set of pages. Start to then add the embellishments for each set of pages you are working on.

Now, if you are truly starting from “scratch” and not using any type of kit, I would also keep in mind the following:

  • Supplies needed
  • Album
  • Paper (both pattern and plain)
  • Alphabet stickers or die cuts, or sayings
  • Embellishments
  • Your basic toolbox items

Here’s a recap of how to make your scrapbook from scratch:

• Decide how big the album is going to be and start from there.

• Do you want the pages to coordinate, or will it be whatever the inspiration and theme of the pictures?

• Start to pick out the paper you need, I always pick more than I actually will use because it helps me to create better by not being so picky about the colors I use.

• Do you want titles on each of the pages – do you want them in alphabet stickers, die cuts – or a premade title? Start to decide the titles you want to use on the pages you are working on.

• Look at the embellishments you want to use – do they match the papers and colors you have selected? If so, start to add those to the pages where you want them to go.

• Look at things like brads, stamps and ink colors, ribbon, or even embossing powder (if you know how to do the techniques) and start to gather those types of things you will need.

• If you need a bit of extra paper cut some extra out from behind where your photo matt’s will be to give you a specific color to match throughout the project.

Making your scrapbook albums from scratch – whether you use a kit for the supplies and inspiration, or you are using what you already have at home – can be one of the best things you can do! Your kids will always feel important that you took the time to create something with and for them. Plus those that will learn from what you have spent the time creating is priceless – both technique wise and personal wise!


About the author

Hello everyone! I'm Stephanie, the happy mama of an elementary school-aged boy and love creating family fun printables. Sharing my journey along with some fun tips is my way to help other mama make a living from home.

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