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I love using PLR and recently I decided that it was about time to create that kind of product myself. So now, this is your chance to get your hand on my first ever PLR creation!

I was so excited in my creation process, that it was hard for me to stop. But I had to if YOU and ME would profit from the Holidays…
You know what? Today is your lucky day if you’re looking for something different to offer to your subscribers at a price to good to miss.




Click the images to see everything you get, but come back here to get your special Christmas deal!

color and write Christmas Bundle
Main Product (FE), $21


Get more Christmas Fun
Extra Offer (OTO), $27


You don’t even need fancy or expensive software IF you want to edit the images.
You only need PowerPoint OR Word and you’re good to go!


Here’s how to create YOUR OWN PAGES:

   1- Open PowerPoint/Word;

   2- Click Add Image;

   3- Use the Crop tool to keep only the part you want;

   4- Resize and Align if needed;

   5- Add anything else you want to that page;

   6- Repeat!


And now, because a picture is worth a thousand words…



Today is your chance to get both bundles for one low price!
Click the button below to purchase:




Note: Due to the nature of this offer, there is no refund.

Also, if you have any problem with the delivery files (or something else), please let me know at: info@StephieTheHappyMom.com and I will find the best way to help you!

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