December 19


Best Tips to Embrace The Season

By Stephie

December 19, 2020

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You would so love to embrace the season...

After all, the holidays are a wondrous time of year filled with every imaginable delight for your senses. Great tasting food, beautiful décor, ugly yet comfy sweaters, and festive music that only comes around once per year.

It’s no wonder so many people can’t wait for this season to arrive: this is the perfect time to escape into family, fun, and festivities.

But while the idea of the holidays seems delightful, the realities can be quite overwhelming...

The wonder of the season can insidiously turn into stress when juggling an already busy schedule with extra activities while on vacation. What started as Happy Holidays becomes a survival at Holidaze!

The holidays don’t stop for stressful life events either. Illnesses, injuries, or adjusting to big changes don’t get put on hold during the holiday season. There are some years that the holidays co-mingle with great loss or change. Finding a way to embrace the season while dealing with setbacks can be tricky.

But hey, don't let the holidays wear you out!
There are many things you can do to reduce the stress and streamline your holidays.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to recreate a Pinterest perfect version of the holidays in order for them to be magical. It’s entirely possible to decorate, host family, cook meals, entertain, AND embrace the season.

Here Are My 5 Best Tips to Embrace The Season:

  • Crafting a Mission Statement - One of the easiest ways to reduce stress during Christmas time is to agree ahead of time what your focus is going to be. Creating a mission statement can help your family identify their primary focus for the season and avoid unnecessary stress.  
  • Cherry Pick Your Holiday Must-Haves Before Spending - There are unlimited ways to spend during the holidays. Everything associated with the holidays is bright and shiny and can make impulse buying hard to avoid. Be decisive about what matters most to you during the season and focus your attention and your dollars on those items and activities and leave the rest for someone else to enjoy.
  • Set Healthy Boundaries - Sometimes finding the joy in the season is intentional. There are a lot of reasons why people aren’t at their best during the holidays, but their bad mood doesn’t have to affect you when you are willing to protect yourself from their negativity. Hold and keep strong boundaries will help you keep your holiday spirit intact.
  • Make Decorating Fun - Everyone loves homemade décor. Parents are thrilled when their young children come home with Christmas crafts from school that are proudly displayed on the fridge. Use the same enthusiasm to create homemade crafts by family members of all ages. Host a Christmas craft-making party complete with cocoa and holiday tunes. Display the crafts proudly on the tree, or wherever they look best.
  • Choose Love As The Main Ingredient - Christmas cookie baking is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity that the whole family can partake in. To make it such sans stress and struggle, do your homework up front. Clear your schedule on a Saturday or Sunday to prepare for a good half-day or even a full day of mixing, chilling dough, baking and decorating. Get the kids involved, and don't sweat it if your treats overcook, undercook, or come out funny looking. Cookie baking will be a much sweeter experience and memory to look back on with love as the main ingredient.
My top 5 tips to better enjoy ChristmasTime

Ultimately, the holidays may not look like anyone else’s, but that’s the point.

What makes your holidays happy may not look anything like what someone else is experiencing. The key is to focus on YOUR unique needs at the time and craft a holiday that makes the most sense under YOUR circumstances.

Letting go of guilt, expectations, and overwhelming yourself will help you embrace the season fully. Knowing what you can manage alongside everything else going on is what helps you mean it when you say Happy Holidays to others. 

The season is designed to give pause for reflection and celebrate with family and friends. Keeping the focus on these things allows for the holidays to remain manageable rather than overwhelming. This season, and every one after, should be a reflection of your life in the moment, not a race against time to make it perfect.

If you would do with some extra motivation and actionable tips to reduce your stress this season, you may want to subscribe to my special Happy WAHM Newsletter where I share daily tips and tricks to help mamas like you embrace the season!


About the author

Hello everyone! I'm Stephanie, the happy mama of an elementary school-aged boy and love creating family fun printables. Sharing my journey along with some fun tips is my way to help other mama make a living from home.

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