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Last Minute Christmas Gift? A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Ones!

By Stephie

December 15, 2019

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Christmas is almost here! As a busy mom, you are decorating, making cookies, planning (and then making) the holiday meal(s), and more. With all of this, you might not have had enough time to finish your gift shopping or may have had someone added at the last minute. Maybe you just don’t know what presents to buy. For last-minute Christmas gifts, I’m here to help!

Don’t panic! There are all sorts of last-minute gift ideas for Christmas. You can settle for that old favorite, a gift card. But you might want something more personal and to tailor your gift to the person’s interests; if so, read on.

Gifts For Toddlers

It’s difficult to shop for a toddler. You want to get them something that can keep them occupied since they can get bored easily, but you also don’t want to get them something too complex. Be sure to get something durable, since accidents tend to happen.

Dolls, especially ones that can be dressed up, are popular gifts for toddlers. Dolls that can be dressed up and accessorized will keep a toddler entertained for a long, long time.

Building blocks are a fantastic option for last-minute Christmas gifts. Whether it be the simple wooden blocks or something more advanced like magnetic bricks, a creative toddler can create an entire world that will entertain them for quite a while.

No matter what, kids will always enjoy drawing things – they just need the tools to do so. Get them crayons, paints, markers, or something more technical like a screenwriter or an Etch-a-Sketch.

Safety tip reminder: Whatever you get you need to be sure it doesn’t have small parts since those can be a choking hazard.

Here are some suggestions according to my son’s preferences:

Gifts For Kids

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts for kids, things come and go out of fashion quickly. When you’re shopping for your little ones, you want to get something that will occupy them for a long time, so they’ll stay entertained.

Luckily, there are tons of products out there that will occupy kids for hours on end! They’re able to play with some more interesting or complicated toys, then toddlers.

A category of toys that’s popular is STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related toys. Lots of kids that love little ready-to-make experiments and gadgets, and there are plenty of kits out there. There are kits for geology, mini telescopes to look at stars, little microscopes, and so on. There are also coding and computer science-focused toys that kids closer to the 10-12 year range might enjoy a lot.

Arts and crafts are often a hit with kids. They love being able to do something and make something that they’re proud of. There are tons of toys that let your kids make things like special bracelets or other jewelry, sewing patterns, and more. For creative kids, this is definitely the way to go.

Finally, R/C (remote-controlled) toys continue to be popular among kids. Whether it be a car or the now more common drone, kids can have a ton of fun entertaining themselves with R/C vehicles. Some even have camera attachments that let your kids get a bird’s-eye view of things!

Those suggestions make dad and son happy:

Gifts For Teenagers

Teens’ interests change rapidly, and they’re usually pretty reserved and off to themselves. Finding a last-minute Christmas gift can be difficult. If you’re not able to get a full, actual list out of them, get something that you’re confident they will use and enjoy on a regular basis.

One good option is a portable charger. There are all kinds of different levels to these, from little ones that can fully recharge a phone once, all the way up to ones that can recharge a phone 10 times over.

If your teen has a TV in their room, then a media player stick can grant them easy access to all of their favorite streaming services. Things like the Roku or Amazon Firestick can be plugged into a TV and give them an easy way to log into their Netflix or Hulu accounts.

If your teen has just started driving, then you might be worried about them losing their keychain. A keychain locator will ensure they never lose their valuables, as it connects to an app on their phone and guides them to their keys.

Finally, self-care items tend to be a good hit with teens. Anything from bath bombs to acne care medication helps ensure that their skin is clear during the tough times of being a teenager, where you tend to be rather self-conscious about your appearance.

Those extra ideas were a big hit with teenagers in our family:


Gifts For Young Adults

Young adults are in a bit of a weird place in life. They’re out of high school and it’s their first year at college or their first time moving away from home. There’s no doubt that being a young adult is a stressful time. It’s a bit overwhelming and gifts are definitely appreciated.

If they’re moving into a dorm or an apartment, they’re probably either not furnished with much or not furnished at all. That’s why little bits of furniture and décor can help a lot, and make for great Christmas gifts.

Journaling is a more and more popular form of stress relief and a way to explore one’s life and choices. A nice, high-quality journal can be a great addition. One that’s bound with fancy material and weatherproofed is a good choice.

A nice care package complete with all of the essentials (food, bath products, etc.) will go a long way towards them getting off to the right start.

Electronics are also a great option for Christmas gifts. A laptop or tablet is an idea, but you could also look into getting smaller, more basic types of electronics, such as headphones. Headphones are great for walking around campus, going to the gym, and even studying to block out loud noise. A Virtual Reality (VR) headset can be a great option.Christmas Gift

Here are some suggestions for you in that category:


Gifts For Adults

Men can be pretty difficult to buy last-minute Christmas gifts for. They might not always talk about things they want or need out of fear of sounding too needy, so they’ll tend to just go with whatever they’ve got on hand.

Many guys won’t want to ask for bath items, but it’s something that they do still appreciate. You don’t have to get them something “girly”, but you can still get them something that will ensure that they’re clean and smell good at the same time! This can be anything from a simple quality shower gel to fancy shampoos. Get him some good cologne and you’ll make sure that he’s set for a good long while!

If the man you know is particularly outdoorsy, then a good fixed blade knife can really brighten their day. These knives are much better than their standard pocketknife, especially when it comes to outside work.  They are sturdier, and if you get a quality one, it will be nice and sharp and built to last.

Chances are high that you have a woman in your life who you want to show appreciation for. It could be a significant other, sibling, parent, or friend. This Christmas, you can show your thanks and appreciation with some nice Christmas gifts that will really make her day.

First off, a nice pillow massager never goes wrong. When she gets sore throughout the day; instead of dropping a ton of money on massages all the time, she can simply use the pillow massager to relax her neck, back, and even her legs.

A nice big soft throw blanket would be a great gift for her. Something made out of really good soft materials that have some weight to it can make any relaxation time that much better.

Motivation in Your Mailbox
Motivation Delivered to Your Mailbox!

Other ideas include books, jewelry, kitchen gadgets, gardening items, camping tools, and car accessories.

Here are some suggestions from what I’m gifting this year:


Hope I helped you sparkle some inspiration for your last-minute shopping! And remember, you can always go for a gift card or cold, hard cash as a last-minute Christmas gift if you run out of time. Many people prefer to get money over a gift they won’t like. While it sounds impersonal, kids and teenagers will LOVE it. Plus, you can add your own personal touch by crafting the card yourself!


Now YOUR turn! I want to know what you do when you just don’t know what to buy or when you run out of time for last-minute shopping.


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