How Would You Like To Unleash Your Creativity And Profitability While Transforming Lunchtime Into A Joyful Experience?

Are you a low-content creator who sells printables online? Do you often find yourself struggling to manage your personal life and your business when it comes to creating engaging printables? Imagine what life would feel like if you could overcome these challenges and achieve your goals effortlessly.

As a busy solopreneur, you understand the importance of balancing your personal responsibilities with your entrepreneurial dreams. However, creating unique printables can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling stretched thin and frustrated. It's like trying to juggle a thousand balls at once while still trying to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Not only does this constant struggle affect your productivity and creativity, but it also hampers your ability to generate the income you desire. It's disheartening to have a vision of success for your business but feel like you're constantly falling short because of the time and energy required to create desirable printables.

But fear not, because there is a way to turn things around and regain control over your life and business!

Let me tell you about the perfect solution for all you hardworking, WAH / low-content creators out there who are looking to save time and make money.

Imagine having a collection of adorable lunch box messages, designed to brighten up your child's day.

These notes will not only cheer them up, but also let you express your love and care. And the best part? You can use them for your own personal use, or sell them as your own low-content products, and make some extra cash from your online business. That's right, you can rebrand and sell these lovely messages as your own. And you won't have much to do since all the hard work have already been done, saving you time and energy.

So, go ahead and make your family's lunchtime extra special with these delightful lunch box notes. Your kids will love it, and you'll love the extra income. It's a win-win situation!

How awesome is that?

Are You Ready to boost your profits and inspire young minds?


Lunch Box Notes - A Delightful Way to Sweeten Students' Day

Looking for a surefire way to save time and make money selling printables online?

Look no further! Lunch Box Notes is here to revolutionize your business. With your choice of beautifully designed lunch box messages, a-peel-ing DFY stickers and a school year worth of extra messages with prompts you can effortlessly inspire and uplift students, while boosting your sales. Say goodbye to the endless hours spent creating new designs and hello to more time and more profit with Lunch Box Notes.

Get ready to make a difference and watch your business soar!

Here's What I Have For You Today...

A blue lunch box, an apple, a banana and a preview of sweet notes to enhance a kid's day.

Get ready to enhance your creativity and boost your sales with the Lunch Box Messages PLR pack! Check out the amazing value you'll receive with this incredible 13-page Canva template set (free version used):

  • Cover page to give your printables a polished and professional look;
  • Get started instructions to help parents make the most out of this pack;
  • Tip sheet on brightening your child's day at school;
  • 30 lunch box size beautifully designed messages, ready to go;
  • US letter size document, editable with the free version of Canva;
  • Private label rights, allowing you to customize and brand the messages as your own.

Price: $17

A blue lunch box, an apple, a banana and a preview of empowering stickers to enhance a kid's day.

Gear up to effortlessly craft lovely stickers that will delight your family and customers with the Lunch Note Stickers PLR pack! Check out the incredible value you'll receive with this awesome PNG pack:

  • 30 a-peel-ing designs without borders;
  • 30 a-peel-ing designs with white borders;
  • All files are PNG with transparent background (2000x2000);
  • Private label rights, allowing you to brand and sell the messages as your own.

Price: $17

A blue lunch box, an apple, a sandwich and a preview of a spreadsheet with sweet messages to enhance a kid's day.

Go wild with this practical tool that supports you to create and organize your own lunch box notes. You can use the Lunch Note Spreadsheet to compose, modify, and store your messages, as well as select from the ready-made prompts and messages already included*:

  • 28 get started prompts;
  • 6 categories (Weekdays, Holidays, Motivational, Puns, Overcoming Challenges & Almost There!);
  • 270 pre-written messages;
  • All in a handy Google Sheets document!
  • Enhanced Private label rights, allowing you to use any and all the messages in your own PLR creations.

Price: $17

* I played with AI to come up with the ready-made prompts and messages included in the spreadsheet.

Lunch Box Notes  BUNDLE


Get all 3 Lunch Box Notes PLR packs for an incredible low price!

Only $37 ($51)

+ Get these 2 BONUSES:

  • Full size, 1 Lunch Box Message design per page editable in Canva (2000x2000)
  • Full size, 1 Lunch Note Sticker design per page editable in Canva (2000x2000)

IMPORTANT: Please email me at [email protected] with any questions you might have before purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL due to the digital nature of the products. All orders will be sent by email to the email address entered when you place your order at checkout, please make sure it is the correct email.

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Stephanie provides a wonderful assortment of printables and other digital products that are top notch. 

Paul Klein

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I appreciate the uniqueness, originality, and imagination Stephie brings to her products.

Hi, this is me, Stephie The Happy Mom!
Stephanie Gilbert

Low Content Creator
& Happy WAHM

Hey there!

I'm Stephanie, the creator of Lunch Box Notes, and I am so excited to share with you why I came up with this awesome product and how it has been a game-changer in my own journey.

Picture this: I'm a work-at-home mom, juggling a million things at once. Between running my online printable business and taking care of my family, time is always in short supply. And let's be honest, finding creative ways to connect with my active boy can sometimes feel like a Herculean task.

That's when it hit me - why not combine the power of printables with the magic of lunchtime? And just like that, my first Lunch Box Messages pack was born!

I wanted to create something that not only saves time but also strengthens the bond between parents and their children. Something that infuses their lives with even more joy and excitement. So, I put my creative hat on and got to work.

With Lunch Box Notes, parents can easily print out fun and motivational messages that their kids will discover during their school lunch break. I mean, how cool is that? It's like sending a surprise note of love and encouragement right to their lunchbox!

But it's not just about the messages themselves. It's about the impact they have on our children. I've seen firsthand how these little notes have lit up my kid's face and brought an extra dose of happiness to his day. It's like a secret connection between us, even when we're apart.

But the best part? Lunch Box Notes also helps fellow work-at-home moms like me make money. By selling these printables online, they can tap into a market of parents who are eager to add a little extra magic to their children's lunchtime routine. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

So, if you're a parent looking for a simple yet powerful way to connect with your child, or a low-content creator looking to save time and make money, Lunch Box Notes is here to help. Trust me, you won't regret it!

Join me on this exciting journey of spreading love, joy, and motivation, one lunch note at a time. Let's make lunchtime the highlight of every child's day!



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