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Color & Write

Christmas Bundle

color and write Christmas Bundle
reg.: $21

A DFY Christmas Stationery Pack Including (grayscale edition):

  • 10 8.5×11 Pages of half size Christmas Themed Letters With 10 Matching Envelopes;
  • 5 Pages of useful Holiday Checklists;
  • Bonus: 1 Page of 9 Beautiful Tags.

More Color & Write

Christmas Bundle

Get more Christmas Fun

More Christmas Stationery Pages Including:

  • 10 8.5×11 Pages of half size Christmas Themed Letters With 10 Matching Envelopes in COLOR;
  • 30 8.5×11 Full Pages of Christmas Themed Letters With Matching Envelopes in GRAYSCALE;
  • 30 8.5×11 Pages of Christmas Themed Letters With Matching Envelopes in COLOR;
  • 5 Pages of Useful Holiday Checklists in COLOR;
  • Instructions to make Your Envelopes;
  • 1 Page of 9 Beautiful Tags in COLOR;
  • EXTRA: 12 8.5×11 Beautiful Christmas Themed Coloring Pages in GRAYSCALE;


Mockups & Quotes

Coloring Pack

Doodle Mockup And Quotes Coloring Pack

A Versatile & Unique Doodle Style Coloring Pack Including:

  • 8 Pre-Made Images;
  • 8 Doodle Mockup + Background Images;
  • 8 Doodle Mockup Only Images;
  • 10 Background Only Images;
  • 8 Quote Only Images.


Quotes & Backgrounds

DFY Pack

Doodle Extra DFY

More Quotes & Backgrounds Including:

  • 10 Colored Backgrounds;
  • 10 White Quotes with Transparent Background;
  • BONUS: 10 Ready to Use Quote Posters.

Planning Quotes

Coloring Pack

Black and White Planning Quotes

An Inspiring Coloring Pack Including:

  • 20 Inspiring Coloring Quote Posters;
  • 1 Blank Quote Frame;
  • BONUS: A done for you coloring book!

Planning Quotes

DFY Posters

Get those 15 planning quote posters for FREE

A Ready-to-Use Poster Pack Including:

  • 20 Colored Planning Quote Posters;
  • BONUS: 1 Spreadsheet Containing All the Quotes+Authors.

Love Quotes

DFY Posters

Social Media Love Posters

A Lovely Poster Pack Including:

  • 14 Inspiring Love Quotes Posters;
  • And 14 lovely heart graphics.

My Summer Reading


Summer Journal Display

An Fun & Different Way To Keep Track of Your Readings Including:

  • 10 Lined Pages With Inspiring Quotes;
  • 4 Beautiful Coloring Pages;
  • 4 Doodle Pages;
  • Many Lined Art Graphics to Color;
  • 5 Extra Pages Including: a Page to Keep Track of Your Reading + Prompts Page +Extra Quotes Page;
  • BONUS: A done for you reading journal!

My Summer Reading

Workbook & Coloring Book

Best Summer Reading Combo

More Fun Ways to Take Advantage of Your Readings Including:

  • Inspiring Questions to Take Full Advantage of Every Book;
  • Lined and Doodle Pages to Free Your Mind;
  • Unique Coloring Pages to Have Fun All Summer Long;
  • Inspirational Saying to Enhance Your Reading Experience;
  • BONUS: A done for you workbook PLUS coloring book!


Activity Book Combo

Falloween Display

2 Spooky Fun Fall Activity Books Including:

  • 23 Coloring Pages;
  • 14 Solving Activity Pages (+ Answers);
  • 6 Color-Cut & Paste Activity Pages;
  • 5 Drawing Activity Pages;
  • BONUS: 2 done for you activity books!

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Hi, I'm Stephie and I LOVE sparkling happiness with my creations!

This is me!

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I also love to learn new things all the time! I’m curious, and I’m good at thinking outside the box to solve daily problems in a creative way.

When my son was born, I felt that the best place to be was at home with him!

I then realized I can do everything I enjoy (learning, creating, and sharing) through working online and creating fun digital content.

That’s how I now sprinkle happiness in other people’s lives!

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