Shark Awareness Day


Did you know that Shark Awareness Day is observed every year on July 14th?


Do not stand on the beach and shout out warnings to terrified swimmers and surfers! OK, I admit it could be fun, but despite the innocent fun YOU can have, I think the best thing we can do is to learn more about those amazing creatures.


Sharks are impressive hunters and predators, but actually, we are a bigger threat to sharks that they are to us. Anyone want some shark-fin soup or a shark-tooth medallion? Not for me! To tell the truth, some movies scared me to death! Now that I know better about them, I understand that to leave sharks persecuted and endangered, with millions of them being killed each year only to create a false sense of security on beaches everywhere is nonsense!

Sharks are essential members of the ocean, and it’s up to us to ensure their survival.


Let’s have fun during Shark Awareness Day!
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