This is me!
Stephanie Gilbert

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PLR Pack

Hi, I'm the girl behind
Stephie The Happy Mom
and I would love to help you share some happiness with your readers!

I love to learn new things all the time! I’m curious, and I’m good at thinking outside the box to solve daily problems in a creative way.

When my son was born, I felt that the best place to be was at home with him!

I then realized I can do everything I enjoy (learning, creating, and sharing) through working online and creating fun digital content.

That’s how I now sprinkle happiness in other people’s lives and I would really love to help you do the same!

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Now, let's talk about the real things!
Want to share something different with your audience

If your readers are tired of:

  • Never remember what their books were about ...
  • Don't recall what books they actually read... 
  • Not taking full advantage of their reading...
  • Forgot to whom they lent a book...
  • Loose track of important informations from their reading...
Reading Frenzy

Hi, I'm Stephie and I LOVE
sparkling happiness with my creations!

This is me!

Did You Know That Reading is an Activity Loved by Millions?

And do YOU know just how wonderful the written word can be?

But sometimes, a little help might come handy to take full advantage of what we are reading...

Reading rejuvenates, regardless of your situation. When you open a book, you open your life to endless possibilities for joy and serenity. Life will be more satisfying than you've ever imagined!

But wait a minute Stephie...
What can I do to help my people enjoy even more what they are reading and go further

Great Question!

I just crafted three beautiful tools you’ll be proud to share with your audience so they will:

  • Enjoy even more what they are reading;
  • Go beyond what's inside the book;
  • Create a new healthy reading habit.

Let me introduce:

My Summer Reading
PLR Offer

* Just Get People In With This *

I created a no-cost entry product to make it even easier to promote my popular Summer Reading Journal !

Sweet Summer Freebie

Main Offer ($27):

My Summer Reading Journal

Summer Journal Cover

This 25-pages Journal

  • 10 Lined Pages With Inspiring Quotes;
  • 4 Beautiful Coloring Pages;
  • 4 Doodle Pages;
  • Many Lined Art Graphics to Color;
  • 5 Extra Pages Including: a Page to Keep Track of Your Reading + Prompts Page +Extra Quotes Page.

Upsell ($37):

My Summer Reading Extras

Reading Workbook

This 20-pages WorkBook

  • 6 Pages With Inspiring Questions;
  • 3 Lined Pages for Free Writing;
  • 4 Beautiful Coloring Pages;
  • 3 Doodle Pages;
  • 2 Pages to Keep Track of Your Reading.
Summer Coloring Book

This 25-pages Coloring Book

  • 8 Lined Art Only Coloring Pages;
  • 16 Inspirational Saying with Graphics Coloring Pages.

Here's everything you need to know:

Main Offer: My Summer Reading Journal

Here's everything inside my Summer Journal

Upsell: My Summer Reading Extras

(WorkBook + Coloring Book)

Inspiring Workbook
Preview Summer Coloring Book

You get 50% COMMISSION
Throughout the Funnel

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Sweet Summer Freebie
Summer Journal Cover
Reading Workbook
Summer Coloring Book
Summer Journal Display
Best Summer Reading Combo
Reading Journal Mockup
Reading Journal Mockup
Reading Journal Mockup


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