October 29


3 Halloween Myths Revealed…

By Stephie

October 29, 2018

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Beware of those Halloween myths!

Or, shall you?

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t let a black cat cross your path … or that you’ll get bad luck if you break a mirror.

But have you ever wondered where those sayings came from?
I didn’t pay much attention to these Halloween myths until my son asked me: “Why do we carve pumpkins for Halloween?

So I had to do a little search over the weekend and then thought it would be a good idea
to share my finds with you!

Why are Black Cats Considered Bad Luck?

According to popular belief, all good witches have an animal with supernatural powers that protects them. The most commonly recognized “familiar”, for witches of old (and even modern day), is the infamous black cat! As legend had it, if that feline provided satisfactory service it had the opportunity to turn into a witch…

Hence, isn’t it a reason for wanting to steer clear of black cats, and avoid getting in the path of one?

Black Cat Halloween Myth
Broken Mirror Halloween Myth

Why is it Bad Luck to Break a Mirror?

During the Middle Ages, mirrors were considered a window into the true soul of a person.

If you broke a mirror, you let the spirit escape, which entails another ghost and another distressing and potentially terrifying haunting…

Why Do We Carve Pumpkins for Halloween?

Did you know that carving pumpkins may have originated from the Druids? These ancient peoples exclusively acknowledged two seasons: summer and winter. At the end of the warm season, the Druids held a grand celebration where lit bonfires were the main highlight. This took place around the end of October. The Druids would carry home coals from the bonfire in carved out turnips to bring good luck for the upcoming season.

Eventually, this ritual gave way to the practice of carving out pumpkins and gourds, and going from door to door asking for treats.

Carved Pumpkin Halloween Myth

If you know any other Halloween myth, please share them below.
I'm dying to learn more...


About the author

Hello everyone! I'm Stephanie, the happy mama of an elementary school-aged boy and love creating family fun printables. Sharing my journey along with some fun tips is my way to help other mama make a living from home.

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday! I appreciate the look behind some of the ‘bad luck’ myths associated with it, although my Ichabod claims that she is NOT unlucky, lol. Happy Halloween!

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