October 5


Why You Want to Practice Hygge This Fall+Infographic

By Stephie

October 5, 2018

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Hygge??? Not so long ago I was puzzled about the meaning of that word too. But if you have been reading about being cozier during fall and practising self-care, you have probably come across that term.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a practice that Danish people do in order to enjoy more in their life. It is all about creating a comfortable, cozy environment, relaxing, and living more simply and with a lot of positivity in your life.

Here are some hygge activities you can practice during the fall season.

Focus on Comfort in Your Home

Hygge is all about being happy, comfortable, and positive. Try to make your home as comfy and cozy as possible. This is a great time to switch out your bright summer decorations for warm fall decorations. Add colors like red, yellow, orange and brown, which create a warm and cozy environment. Have lots of throw pillows and soft blankets on your sofas and chairs, add soft rugs to the ground, and bring in candles or use the fireplace when it gets cold.

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Invite People Over

Hygge isn’t just being home alone, but really spending quality time with others. Invite a close-knit group of people over for a casual dinner party or get together. Watch a movie together that everyone loves, or invite high school friends to have dinner and talk about the old days. Have close family members over with their kids so everyone can have a game night or a buffet-style dinner. Enjoy these moments with those people you love the most, and take comfort in the fact that you can all be together during the season.

Cook More Comfort Food

Fall is a great time for cooking and baking, especially when it comes to your favorite comfort foods. This might include baking cookies and pies with fall spices like cinnamon and pumpkin, or you may prefer cooking more savory foods that are comfort foods, like meatloaf or your favorite butternut squash soup. Think about the foods you enjoyed as a kid, that always cheered you up. These are your comfort foods. 

This is also a good time to share your favorite comfort foods with your kids or close friends.

Add Softer Lighting

If you have bright lightbulbs in your home, now is a good time to remove them and opt for softer lights. At least replace your lamps as you have easy access to them. This allows you to shut off other lights and just turn on the softer lights in the evening when practicing hygge during the fall. 


Now that you know more about that Danish practice, let me know what kind of hygge activity you’ll do more regularly.


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  • I may have to go back to incandescent lights with dimmers to get that warm light. These LED lights are so brilliant even when dimmed. Maybe I’ll try to cover them with an orange cloth. thankfully they do not get too hot.

    • That’s right! Regular LED light bulbs may be useful for some reason but not the best when it comes to ambiance light! As for me, there is nothing better than candles.

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