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Are you an optimistic kind of person?
If it isn’t your second nature, it might be time to make changes towards a more optimistic mindset.
And the good news is that it may be easier than you think…

Favor Optimism

No matter what nature you were born with or nurture you have grown up with, changing your mindset might make a healthy difference in your life!

But how…?

Good you ask because I’m about to share some pro-tips for leading a more optimistic lifestyle.

How Your Surroundings Affect Your Optimism

Your surroundings affect your optimism1- From the news media to social media, your surroundings are influencing your mindset. Do you listen to too much news, read too many newspapers, and fill your subconscious with negative thoughts? In any given day, you can be overwhelmed with sensationalized media that puts its focus on everything that is going wrong. From political rhetoric to mother nature, there is far more than one person’s far share of bad news out there. Limit your intake of negative media and replace it with positive sources of news and entertainment. Change your channels, hide or delete negative people on social media, and follow people who see the glass half full.

2- Toxic friendships and other relationships have a huge impact on our sense of self and how we view the world. Being in multiple dysfunctional relationships dims the reality that life – and people – should be fun. We are the sum of the five people we are with most often. Make sure that your five people are fabulous! If they aren’t, begin to limit your time with them and seek out new and higher-functioning friends.


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Why You Should Expand Your Horizons

1- Living in one space and never venturing out can lead to pessimism. Getting outside of your immediate area allows your mind to expand and see the world through a new lens. Often, we live in isolation in our own spaces, and leaving them – especially by international travel – allows us to see the world through others’ eyes. Seeing the similarities in other countries and other people often expands compassion, causes hope, and makes life better.Biographies and historical accounts are a great way to increase optimism

2- Biographies and historical accounts are a great way to increase optimism. Reading about great men and women who overcame odds or solved complex problems causes us to see that life isn’t as complicated as we make it. There are solutions for all problems and being inspired by people who faced adversity and conquered it makes a big impact on our own optimism.

3- Getting out and being in service to others is an excellent way to grow optimism. If you hear of a tragedy and only follow the media coverage, you will not realize the tremendous acts of bravery, heroism, resiliency, and growth of the human spirit. Being in the trenches or serving someone who can’t repay you brings some humility and empathy that expands optimism.


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Making some changes and expanding yourself are great ways to quickly become more optimistic.
Watch what you allow into your life and make good decisions about how you spend your time, and your optimism will follow!

Think you might need some help? Here are some great resources I found for you:

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