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I wrote this article at the invitation of my friend Maria to share my vision of creativity.
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Best Creativity Insider Tips

When my son was born, I felt the urge to unleash my creative side. Not that it never gave up on me, but this forced downtime coupled with this new adventure gave me the opportunity to review my priorities.

There was no longer any question of me going back to work outside! I was finally able to give free rein to my daily creativity so that our son could develop fully. New baby recipes, funny photoshoots, crazy stories and whatnot are all fun activities that have evolved over time to allow me to do more and more of what I love: creating little joys every day!

And in my spare time I would have fun creating all kinds of fun printables for my partner who is an elementary school teacher. And I was like...

 “Why limit myself to Hubby’s class? I’m sure my designs would appeal to other teachers and homeschool moms as well! ”

My creativity – I cannot live without it – I draw it from the small pleasures of everyday life. It allows me to find original solutions, inspires me to take up new challenges and, above all, prevents me from staying in my comfort zone for too long!

My Creativity Tips

Whenever I find myself stuck in a creative block or rut, here are what works best for me to break through:

Do something mindless

Embracing mindless chores gives my brain the freedom to think creatively. It is also what I call combining the useful with the pleasant! Some of my favorite activities to allow the creative part of my mind the freedom to ponder on its own include cleaning, washing dishes and folding laundry. Even taking a shower has helped me many times to get unstuck!

Go outside

Rediscovering every day all the beauty Mother Nature has for us is sure to awake my creative self! The arrangement of colors, birdsong, the shape of the clouds, … are as many sources of inspiration as of appeasement to find my creative balance.

Spend time with my son

Just being with him allows me to relax and entangle my thoughts with his vivid imagination. I love brainstorming with him because he always comes up with a zillion funny solutions yet plausible for him. And yes, that’s often how I find the solution I’m seeking!

Getting lost in fiction

Movies and especially books are a great way to escape the everyday.
My favorite genres are adventure and fantasy stories.
I have fun, I let go and at the turn of a twist, I find the missing piece in my own life through the ups and downs of the characters!


I feel like meditation always gives me a special shower for my soul: it cleanses me deeply and it hydrates me with positive energy!

It's not often that we hear women entrepreneurs speak about how they use creativity in running their business.

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