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Do you know what to do for enjoying your summer activities without worrying about safety? Summer time offers its share of fun in the form of carnivals, zoos, amusement parks and water parks. Before you pile all the kids in the car, take some of these safety tips into consideration to ensure the most enjoyment with the least amount of worry. After all, when heading out for some fun summer activities, why bother when we can prevent?

Charge Up the Phones Before Heading Out

Whomever has phones (parents, kids or both) should bring them along on your excursion. This way, if anyone becomes separated from the group, they can put in a quick call to locate the pack. Another good use of cell phones is for meet-ups. “I’ll see you over by the monkey cages at 3:15.” And of course, now that most of cell phones have an integrate camera, taking great memories it’s a must! You can learn a few tips HERE.

Keep It to an Even Number of Friends or Family

This is particularly important if you’re visiting an amusement park or carnival. If your family is oddly numbered, then bring along a friend for the day. This way, you’ll never be in that awkward scenario where one person has to either ride with a stranger or sit the ride out entirely, and get separated from the group.

If the Sign Says Don’t Feed the Animals…

Don’t feed the animals! Many zoos have designated petting zoo areas where you can purchase animal feed for a quarter and have a great old time letting goats nibble out of your palm. However, kids should be taught that other animals outside the petting zoo may not be as friendly, and should not be offered a snack.

Lock It While You Can’t Keep It

Stow your valuables if you plan to use the water park. It’s helpful to bring a sleeve of quarters so you can get a locker to store your cell phone, wallet and earrings while splashing about in the water park.

What’s Your Height?

Mind the height requirements and cautions for various amusement park or carnival rides. Usually the people who work at such establishments are pretty good at knowing when someone is too short to ride a certain ride. However, some folks are more lax about their job than others—so it’s up to you to make sure that kids are safe.

Ladies’ Room

Accompany kids to the bathroom. If you’ve got boys present but no adult males in your party to escort them to the men’s room, then the ladies’ room will have to do. Amusement Park bathrooms sometimes offer opportunities for people who want to target kids, so play it safe and keep the children with you in the lav.

Take Shelter

Every once in a while, a brief summer thunderstorm will disrupt the goings-on at an amusement park or carnival. If this happens, find the nearest place where you can go indoors, such as a gift shop or food establishment. Typically, summer thunderstorms pass quickly so it won’t be too much of a hassle. If caught outside in an electrical storm, be sure to avoid trees, tall metal structures and metal poles.

Protect Yourself

Choosing the right clothes depending on the temperature and activities is essential. While flip flops are a must for most water activities, consider wearing running shoes if you plan to walk most of the day. Protect your head with a nice hat or a casual baseball cap. As for your skin, play safe and always carry sunscreen with you. You can read more about that topic HERE.


Now you know what to do for enjoying your summer activities without worrying about safety.
If you have any fun stories or other great tips to share, go ahead! I always love to read your comments 😉

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